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Flossing is a highly effective dental care habit to perform before or after brushing your teeth. Taking time every day to floss around your teeth and remove trapped food particles is very important when it comes to cleaning areas of your smile that your toothbrush can’t thoroughly clean.

We invite you to use the following flossing tips to effectively clean your smile with dental floss and prevent oral health problems:

– Make sure your dental floss string is 18 inches long so that you can wind the string around your fingers and floss each tooth without using the same section of floss. This will help prevent the spread of plaque from one tooth to another.
– Use gentle up-and-down motions when navigating the floss between teeth, avoiding pressing too firmly on the gum line and resulting in damage.
– Along with flossing between each tooth, clean behind the back teeth for a full clean.
– It’s important to floss at least once a day as part of your oral care routine to benefit from this effective dental habit.
– Look for products that earned the Seal of Acceptance from the ADA, or ask our dentist for product recommendations.

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