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If you love to buy on-sale chocolate and candy after Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to take certain steps to protect your teeth. The following dental care tips can help you enjoy post-Valentine’s Day treats and preserve your oral health:

– Know the risk of candy: Some candies can affect your teeth more than others. For example, hard and sticky candies become trapped in the teeth and expose your teeth to lots of sugar for long periods of time, and sour candies are often acidic and can lower the quality of tooth enamel.

– Limit how much candy you eat: It’s tempting to snack on leftover candy during the day or as a fun movie treat, but this is not ideal for your dental health. The most ideal time to eat candy is when you have an increased saliva flow, such as following a meal, to rinse away sugar and residual candy. This can protect you from the dangers of tooth decay.

– Put off tooth brushing: Instead of brushing your teeth immediately after eating candy, rinse your mouth and wait half an hour to brush. Highly acidic candies, such as sour ones, can soften the tooth enamel and lead to damage if it’s brushed too soon.

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