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Did you know that there are foods that can help promote positive oral health? Well, it’s true! There are many foods and drinks that are an excellent and healthy option that can help protect your teeth and keep your oral health in excellent condition. With a healthy diet, both your oral health and overall health can be in good shape.

Our dentist, Dr. Tracy Jenkins, cares about your oral and overall health. That is why he and our team at Discover Family Dental are happy to share some news with you about some of the foods that are ideal for your teeth to stay healthy.

Here are some yummy foods that promote positive oral health:
– Yogurt contains protein and calcium to strengthen your teeth.
– Cheese is beneficial for your smile, as it is loaded with calcium.
– Meats can help strengthen your tooth enamel and gums with their various minerals and proteins.
– Chewing gum after meals has been shown to produce additional saliva, which can help protect your teeth from harmful bacteria.
– Assorted nuts are healthy for your smile and can strengthen your tooth enamel.
– Crunchy and watery products, such as carrots and apples, can help produce additional saliva.
– Leafy greens are healthy for your diet and your smile.

If you eat these foods, you are assisting your oral health. If you would like a dental cleaning, or if you need help with your smile, please call us today at 208-785-0878 and make an appointment with our dentist in Blackfoot, Idaho. We look forward to seeing you soon!