At Discover Family Dental, our dentist believes with the best possible technology comes the best possible dental care. We are proud to utilize the Biolase® Waterlase MD system to provide you with safe, effective dental treatment. To learn more about Biolase Waterlase MD in Blackfoot, Idaho, and make an appointment with Dr. Tracy Jenkins, call our office at 208-785-0878 today!

The Waterlase MD is an efficient and effective tissue cutting system that is utilized during hard and soft tissue dental procedures. Our dentist is highly trained in the use of this advanced technology to ensure your safety during your procedure. We are pleased to make use of this powerful tool at our practice.

During a hard tissue procedure, the laser provides energy to quickly distribute atomized water droplets. These droplets absorb the energy and efficiently produce a cutting effect. This process, on a cellular level, is removing tissue with highly energized water particles. The absorption of the energy to cut tissue is a controlled force, so our team can give you the results you want and need every time the laser is used.

During a soft tissue procedure, the laser is programmed to remove tissue, make incisions and more with or without the use of energizing water particles, depending on your oral health needs. Call our office for more information today!