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The development of dental flaws on your teeth is never ideal, and issues such as deep tooth stains may not be treatable with simple tooth whitening. Instead, many patients turn to porcelain dental veneers to reduce tooth stains and achieve beautiful smiles that last for years.

The thin shells of dental veneers are custom shaded and shaped into a natural-looking design to mask the front teeth and improve unwanted flaws. While they mimic the natural appearance of your teeth, they are more enhanced in color and contour, as well as more resistant to stains. Your natural teeth can develop deep discoloration and stains, but porcelain material is only affected by dark foods and plaque that can cause minor stains. Porcelain is also highly resilient and can last for many years.

First, our dentist needs to determine that your teeth are in good quality and still have healthy tooth enamel that can support dental veneers. If tooth decay, too little enamel, or old fillings has weakened your teeth, our dentist may place a porcelain dental crown instead of veneers to give your teeth more support.

Next, we create and submit a detailed impression of the teeth so that a dental lab with skilled technicians can look to the appearance of your natural teeth to custom craft the veneers. With the new veneers completed, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to remove some natural tooth enamel and cement the veneers on your teeth, ensuring they fit well don’t appear bulky.

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